About us:

Established in April 2005, WSPIR is dedicated to assisting those experiencing unexplained phenomenon by in-depth investigation, historical research and education.

WSPIR recognizes the use of psychic sciences as an additional investigative instrument which joins the technical side in generating rich case studies for the benefit of clients and to assist clients in understanding their experiences and helping to lessen their fears.

WSPIR performs every investigation with professionalism and respect – both to the living and to the Spirits. 

All WSPIR Members are required to pass a yearly background check.

Fear is the “Unknown”

We all have fears of things that we don't understand or things that are different.  

       Whether the phenomenon is normal or "paranormal," the fear is very real and must be            dealt with in an appropriate manner.  Whether the phenomenon is normal or paranormal,   the goal of each investigation is to alleviate these fears by providing information to our clients to help them understand what they are experiencing.


Please contact WSPIR at or call (425) 444-1945

WSPIR will provide discrete investigative services and research, at no charge.

(No client investigation information is posted on our website.)

Due to the amount of investigation requests received, it is necessary to prioritize cases according to severity, i.e., cases involving children, cases that are negatively affecting the lives of those involved. Not all cases will be accepted.


Step 1:  The Assessment

The amount of time needed to complete the assessment depends upon the size of the location.  A floor plan will be drawn showing the placement of all electrical components.  Baseline EMF and temperature readings will be taken and noted on the floor plan.  A formal interview of the witnesses will be videotaped. 

Step 2:  The Investigation

The length of time necessary for the investigation and number of teams required will be determined by the size of the location.  Strict protocol will be followed including maintaining the secrecy of the location in order to prevent the psychics from being compromised.  The entire investigation is video/audio taped to capture all paranormal activity and to ensure the authenticity of all evidence collected. 

Step 3:  The Reveal

After thorough review of all evidence, WSPIR will meet with the client to present their findings and discuss further steps.

WSPIR reserves the right to refuse to conduct an investigation if (after the Assessment is completed) it is determined that the safety and well-being of the team may be jeopardized; and/or if it is determined that an investigation is not warranted.

All spouses/partners must agree to an Assessment and Investigation.

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."  ~ H. P. Lovecraft.

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