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WSPIR investigated Starvation Heights overnight on May 19/20, 2005

Photo taken in front of the cabin where Linda Hazzard cured patients through starvation
(L-R) Regan, Brandi, Rachel, Jill, Darren, David, Ruth, Terry, Robin and Michelle


Starvation Heights, Olalla Washington


Investigation #0405

EVPS recorded during our investigation

Starvation Heights is a PRIVATE residence
and is not open to the public or available for tours.
Please respect the owners' wishes and do not trespass.

Dr Hazzard's Home

Due to the high name recognition of the investigation location, WSPIR enhanced the protocol to ensure complete credibility of the psychics.

The investigation team of 12 people met in Federal Way where the four teams were identified and the psychics were blindfolded.

Three vehicles each contained a driver, psychic and videographer.  The videographer captured everything said or “picked up” by the psychic on the way to the investigation. 

The fourth vehicle contained the Tech Team and was the guide to lead the others to the investigation site.

Upon arrival at the site, the psychics’ blindfolds were not removed until the family was relocated to the interview area.

The on-site investigation protocol was for each psychic to be accompanied by an observer and a videographer to capture every aspect of the investigation.  The observer would keep a written log of all statements made by the psychic, noting times and locations.  At the investigation review, the observer would provide the summary of the psychic’s impressions to ensure integrity of the psychic.  Each psychic team investigated a different location at the same time to guarantee that the teams would not overhear each other.

The 4th team consisted of two techs to map out the location, record temperature, take EMF readings, etc.  While the four teams were investigating, the home owners were being interviewed by Patricia (and videotaped) at another location.

The areas of investigation included: inside the cabin, underneath the cabin, the outside area where the old small cabins once stood, and the old asylum foundation and incinerator (located deep in the woods).

The investigation began on June 25 at approximately 6:30PM and terminated at 11:00PM.

The teams were composed as follows:

Team Lead / Interviewer  Patricia
Tech teamLead TechDutch
Psychic Team 1PsychicCharlotte
Psychic Team 2PsychicMichelle
Psychic Team 3PsychicMerlyn

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