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WSPIR is a skilled paranormal investigation, research and education organization committed to seeking scientific and metaphysical evidence of other realms of existence, dedicated to assisting those experiencing unexplained phenomenon and providing educational resources to the community.

WSPIR also recognizes that incidents of unknown origins or paranormal phenomenon can be frightening. Whether the phenomenon is normal or paranormal, the goal of each investigation is to alleviate these fears by providing information to our clients to help them understand what they are experiencing. We will scientifically research, investigate and document all reports of paranormal phenomenon with integrity, honesty and discretion.

Each member of our investigation team is thoroughly trained in all areas of responsibility and performs every investigation with professionalism and respect. All members follow strict analytical protocols during investigations and attempt to rule out all naturally occurring phenomenon, such as human influence, environmental affects, etc., by reasonable assumption and scientific processes so that the only other explanation is scientifically inexplicable or paranormal in nature.

WSPIR provides free bi-weekly educational meetings on the various aspects of the paranormal for investigators, those interested in learning more, as well as persons experiencing phenomenon.

WSPIR recognizes the use of psychic sciences as an additional investigative instrument which joins the technical side in generating rich case studies to assist clients in understanding their experiences and helping to lessen their fears.

All paranormal evidence collected during private investigations will be kept in the strictest confidence and will only be released or published when permission has been granted.

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Permission is not granted to use the whole or any part of our site, our documents, material, or other site content for commercial purposes, i.e., books, training, etc.  

WSPIR Board Member and Founders
Darren Thompson 
425 444 1945
President and Founder
Patricia Woolard
Vice President/ Treasurer and Director of Operations
Jill Thompson
Secretary, Director of Training, Director of Media Relations
  Director of Psychic Sciences

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