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WSPIR uses the following instruments during an investigation

Thermal Measurement

TIC Thermal Imaging Camera

Used to visually detect the slightest variation in temperature

Fluke Fluke Digital Thermometer with a K type probe.

Used to record air temperature in seconds.
as well as surface temperature
(fast and accurate)
  infrascan InfraScan Infrared Thermometer

Used to record surface temperature
(Fast and accurate when used properly)

RIT Raytech Infrared Thermometer

Used to record surface temperature (Fast and accurate when used properly)

  lacrosse anemometer Lacrosse Anemometer

Used to record air temperature as well as wind speed (Not very fast to reach the air temperate)

  Fluke 561 Infrared Thermometer Fluke Thermometer

Reads both air and surface temperature

Audio related

lapel mic Sony Condenser lapel microphone

Used on the portable recorders.
Frequency response 50 - 12,000 Hz
Zoom R24Zoom R24 Digital Multitrack Recorder
Allows 8 channels of audio to be recorded onto an SD card
  inductive mic Inductive microphone

Used to pick up man made EMF
mic Electrovoice ND/767 Low Impedance microphone

Much better frequency response than that most microphones
Frequency response 35 - 22,000 Hz Near Field, 70 - 22,000 Hz Far Field
  sterling audio Sterling Audio ST31 Small Diaphragm low impedance  FET Condenser Microphone

response 20Hz – 18,000Hz
  firepod Firepod

Allows 8 high quality microphones to be recorded onto a PC

Olympus WS300 Digital Voice recorder

Used for the capture of EVPs as well as to capture personal notes on an investigation
Sony UX71

Records in MP3 format and connects directly to your USB port.

You can listen while you record!
  See full size image Zoom H4 Digital Audio Recorder

Behringer 4 Channel Audio Mixer   Personal Audio Mixer  Behringer Powerplay P16-M
Allows the base station to focus on any of the 16 incoming audio channels without effecting the recording
  Behringer Powerplay P16-1  Behringer Powerplay P16-1 
Converts 16 analog inputs into 24-bit digital audio to be transmitted via standard CAT5e cable

Video related

recorderSONY HD Video Recorder with Nightshot
recorder dvdSONY DVC Video recorder with Nightshot
  SONY Hi8 Video recorder with Nightshot

Sony ECM-HW2 Bluetooth Wireless Microphone for Camcorders Sony Bluetooth Microphone

for the video recorder
lorexLorex 4 Channel
DVR system 
Sony Light Extenders


EMF AlphaLab, Inc.'s Trifield EMF meter

Used to detect the presence of EMF
  sperry Sperry EMF Field meter

Used to detect the presence of EMF

  cell sensor Cell Sensor EMF meter

Used to detect the presence of EMF in the area (Visual and audible indicator)

AlphaLab, Inc.'s Air ION Counter

Used to determine the amount of negative and positive Ions in the area

ZIRCON Stud Sensor

Used to determine if there are live wires within a wall causing readings on the EMF meters
KII meters

To detect EMF (Visual and audible indicator)



Used to detect electromagnetic disturbances

  laser tape Ultrasound Laser Tape

Used for measuring the dimensions of a room in creating a floor plan
  tape Tape measure

for distances below 2' and over 50'

Investigation aids


Leaves your hands free to carry all your equipment
  maglight Maglite Great flashlight

Great for isolated light
but uses a much needed hand
Lobe light

Leaves your hands free to carry all your equipment
Infrared Flashlights

Used to extend the range of the SONY video cameras
  tripod Tripods

for the video cameras
  mic stand Microphone stands

for microphones and video cameras
batteries Batteries

Lots and lots of batteries
snake50' microphone cable extender (Snake)

Microphone cables

lamp Coleman Fluorescent lamp

Great for lighting up the setup area
  Walkie Talkies

Used for larger investigations as well as in the cars while driving to a location
  table Table

For the staging area

Used to provide a writing surface and to hold the report papers

Motion sensor

Used to ensure a location has not been tampered with

Door or window alarm

used to ensure a location has not been tampered with

It should be noted that there is no "perfect" tool on an investigation. We hope to be able to correlate paranormal phenomenon with a corresponding reaction/reading on one of our many instruments. Through understanding the operation of the equipment we can rule out known causes for "paranormal like" phenomenon

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