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The Beginning 

WSPIR was formed in April 2005 by 6 founding members, five of whom make up the WSPIR Board, each having several years of paranormal investigation experience as members of other groups. 

 Founding Members and Board

Darren Thompson President Co-Founder
Patricia Woolard Vice President/ Treasurer and Director of Operations Co-Founder
Jill Thompson Secretary, Director of Training, Director of Media Relations Co-Founder
Charlotte Liggett Co - Founder inactive
C. Thomas “Wolf” Cooney Co - Founder inactive
David Doughty Co - Founder inactive


§       Committed to assisting those experiencing alleged paranormal phenomenon by helping them to understand what they are experiencing

§       Committed to attempting to recreate all anomalies and search for natural causes which may be the origin of the “paranormal” phenomenon 

§       Committed to seeking proof of other realms of existence using scientific means in conjunction with the psychic sciences

§       Committed to precisely researching, investigating and documenting paranormal phenomenon with integrity, honesty and discretion

§      Committed to conducting all assessments and investigations accurately by following protocol to ensure that meaningful and untainted evidence will be obtained

§         Committed to thoroughly training all members in their responsibilities


  • Ethical Standard
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Training
  • Professionalism
  • Open Mind
  • Patience
  • Detailed Documentation
  • In-depth Research
  • Compile, Review, Compare, and Report


every parAnormal investigation contains

  The "hard" side The "soft" side
  • Techs
  • Experiences of the client
  • Equipment
  • Psychic or Metaphysical findings
  • Research
  • EVPs

§        It is important to remember that:

WSPIR recognizes the use of psychic sciences as an additional investigative instrument which joins the technical side in generating rich case studies for the benefit of clients and to assist clients in understanding their experiences and helping to lessen their fears. 

§         The “hard” and “soft” sides of each investigation are equally essential to performing a thorough investigation. 


  • Members are not required to participate in assessments and investigations.
  • WSPIR members are diverse, yet open-minded people with varied interests, theories and areas of expertise who are enthusiastic about researching, studying paranormal activity and learning from each other.
  • We do not go into any investigation for the excitement of being scared as we are not “thrill seekers” and prefer not to be called "ghost hunters". 
  • We are paranormal investigators thoroughly trained in all areas of investigating and perform every investigation with professionalism and respect, both to the living and to the spirits. 
  • We are “open minded skeptics”
    • We don’t assume that all unusual occurrences are paranormal.
    • We don’t assume that everything has a rational explanation and a natural cause; therefore, nothing is ever paranormal.


WSPIR restricts membership in order to maintain a good balance of skills and responsibilities so that all members have the opportunity to participate in investigations. 

Membership is currently closed.
You may be considered as an active contributing member by doing the following: 

  • Sign up on the WSPIR Forum and participate in on line discussions

  • Complete and submit the WSPIR Membership Application/Agreement form

  • Completed the basic training class

  • Have a skill or skills that contributes to the overall good balance of
    responsibilities in the group

  • You must have your own means of transportation to particpate on cases

  • May be required to attend an interview with the WSPIR Board

  • You must be over the age of 18 to apply for membership.

Good Energy" promotes “Good Results”  therefore, it is important to ensure that we are a “good fit” with one another.

Not everyone will be accepted for membership. you may decide that we aren’t the group for you. There are many paranormal groups available and we will provide you with information for those other groups if requested.

Dues are $40 a year, renewal date is every April.
Dues will only be collected after you have been accepted as a member.


  • All WSPIR meetings are open to the public
  • Meetings are held every other Sunday from 1:15 to 4:45 pm at various King County library meeting rooms. 
  • The homepage of the WSPIR website shows upcoming meeting dates and locations as does the Open Meeting area of the WSPIR forum.
  • Agendas are sent in advance of each meeting to everyone signed up on the Forum and are also posted in the Open Meeting area of the Forum.
  • Meetings are structured to promote open discussion and education.   Questions are always welcome!
    • Discuss and question without judging. 
    • It is fine to be a skeptic but keep an open mind to all of the possibilities. 
    • Disagree about a theory but don’t make it personal.
    • Trust in the good intentions of others.



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