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The "Haunted" Doll from Oregon

Is it "possessed"?

What will happen when the box is opened?  Update... scroll down...


WSPIR was contacted recently by an Oregon resident who wanted us to investigate both her mother’s house and the doll that may be the cause of the paranormal activity in the home.

During remodeling of her mother’s home, they found the doll sealed in a wall along with a 1932 Sears catalog. Her mother kept the doll in the house and the energy and environment became almost unbearable for them. That’s when they contacted WSPIR.

Unfortunately, we were unable to travel to her home and decided to take another approach. We suggested that she mail the “haunted doll” to us, and allow us to perform controlled experiments. Luckily for WSPIR, both she and her mom were very happy to send the doll our direction. It was mailed to WSPIR Vice President Patricia Woolard’s home, where it awaits unpacking from the box it was shipped in. WSPIR will open the box and unveil the “haunted doll” in a controlled environment…video and audio taping the entire process and hopefully capturing paranormal activity in the process.

WSPIR will share the saga of the “haunted doll” as we progress in our investigation of this mysterious object, and will also share more details about the activity that was experienced by the Oregon family that shipped it to us.

One final note: we were informed by the mother that upon taking the packaged doll to the Post Office for shipping, a dog at the post office had a strong reaction  to the box…hmmmm…we look forward to sharing our findings with you!

The sealed box awaits ....                              ... to be continued...

February 18... The Opening ...


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